2021 08
Research on the Discharge Characteristics of NiCl2/NiF2 Composite Cathode Materials in Thermal Batteries
MA Shiping, CAO Yong, ZHANG Xiaoqiang, WEI Kaiyuan, WU Tao, WANG Chao, CUI Yanhua
2021 08 [560-566][Abstract](1187)[pdf 7051KB](663)
Study on Preparation and Electrochemical Properties of Novel Composite Fluorinated Carbon Cathode Material
LIN Jinfang, LI Qiyang
2021 08 [567-572][Abstract](1320)[pdf 12606KB](517)
Research Development of Lithium Alloy Anode Materials
MU Yue1, QIU Jingyi1, YANG Xiaofei2, ZHANG Tingting2, ZHANG Songtong1, MING Hai1
2021 08 [573-586][Abstract](1292)[pdf 14749KB](766)
Research Progress on Thermal Stability of Polarization Performance in Bismuth Sodium Titanate-Based Lead-Free Ceramics
REN Pengrong, WANG Jiale
2021 08 [587-595][Abstract](1034)[pdf 13150KB](455)
Research Progress of Biomass Carbon Materials as Anode Materials for Sodium/Potassium Ion Batteries
WANG Huayan1, CHEN Huixin1, ZHANG Qiaobao2, ZHANG Li3
2021 08 [596-606][Abstract](1413)[pdf 18171KB](511)
Research Progress of Composite Solid Electrolytes for All-Solid-State Lithium Batteries
XI Lei, ZHANG Dechao, LIU Jun
2021 08 [607-617][Abstract](929)[pdf 10682KB](495)
Application and Challenges of Solar Cells Using Metal Organic Framework Materials
OU Jinhua1, HU Bonian1, HE Saiyu1, WANG Wei1, LIU Jinxuan2
2021 08 [618-625][Abstract](983)[pdf 7048KB](588)
Microstructure and Wear Resistance of In-Situ Synthesized AlB2/6061 Composites
ZHUANG Weibin, SUN Rui, MAN Shengbo, WANG Xiaozhi, LIU Guangzhu, LIU Jingfu
2021 08 [626-630][Abstract](916)[pdf 10538KB](554)
Research Progress of Surface Modification Coatings on Titanium Alloys for Bone Implants
TANG Ping1,JIANG Shaoqun1,2,WANG Gang1
2021 08 [631-638][Abstract](587)[pdf 7001KB](532)
Innovative Research on Hydrogen Energy and Its International Industrial Development Strategies
LIU Fan,ZHU Hongkang
2021 08 [639-644][Abstract](487)[pdf 696KB](441)