2022 09
Research Progress of the Iron-Based Magnetic Nanomaterials for Neuromodulation
LIU Dongfang1, GU Ning2
2022 09 [669-678][Abstract](1872)[pdf 2604KB](481)
Research Progress on the Regulation of Structure and Antioxidant Properties of Polydopamine-Based Nanomaterials and Their Biomedical Applications
YE Ziqiang1,2,MAO Zhengwei1,2
2022 09 [679-688][Abstract](1751)[pdf 3165KB](498)
Advance of Protease Targeted Fluorescent Theranostic Nanoprobes
XING Jie1,2,YAO Junlie1,2,3,MA Xuehua1,2,3,WU Aiguo1,2
2022 09 [689-696][Abstract](1833)[pdf 2980KB](450)
Research Progress of Drug Delivery Systems Based on Living Cells and Their Derivatives
ZHANG Meng,HUANG Rongqin
2022 09 [697-705][Abstract](1638)[pdf 1977KB](433)
Research Progress of MOFs-Derived Nanozymes in Tumor Therapy
QIN Liting,SUN Yun,XU Bolong,LIU Huiyu
2022 09 [706-717][Abstract](1943)[pdf 5847KB](477)
Research Progress of Layered Double Hydroxides in Tumor Diagnosis and Therapy
LI Gaoming1, GUO Yunqi1, GONG Junli1, ZHANG Guixiang2, SHI Xiangyang1, SHEN Mingwu1
2022 09 [718-729][Abstract](1488)[pdf 4796KB](449)
Research Progress of Sonosensitizers in Tumor Sonodynamic Therapy
JIANG Qin, GENG Peng, ZHANG Wen, CHEN Zhigang
2022 09 [730-741][Abstract](5649)[pdf 8163KB](487)
Research Progress of Lipiodol Emulsion in Transarterial Interventional Embolization for Hepatocellular Carcinoma
ZHANG Hongrui1, CHEN Hu1, ZHU Jing1, MAO Jingsong2, LIU Gang1
2022 09 [742-748][Abstract](1616)[pdf 1792KB](446)
Development of Hydrotalcite Nanomaterials in Biomedical Application
WU Jie, WANG Li, TANG Wei, CHENG Liang
2022 09 [749-757][Abstract](1506)[pdf 3209KB](440)
MXene-Based Medical Materials in Materdicine
2022 09 [758-768][Abstract](1631)[pdf 4445KB](462)