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Recent Advances on Solvent-free Insulation Organosilicon Impregnating Resin

Research Development of Polysiloxanes with Special Topologies

Modification of Graphene Oxide and Its application in Silicone Rubber

Water is an indispensable source for all forms of life. Due to the deteriorating problem of water resource shortage and pollution caused by uncontrolled and abused usage, Efficient and energy-saving water treatment technique has attracted substantial research attention. In recent years, graphene is
Membrane technology has been widely applied in the solution of some great issues that humans are facing in water resource, energy resource, environment, and heath etc. Polymer membranes play a key role in membrane separation processes, in which high efficiency separation with low energy consumption
Magnetron sputtering, vacuum evaporation and vacuum filtration are three methods to prepare carbon nanotube composite membranes. To investigate the effects of composite membranes’ structure on As(III) removal, morphologies and surface chemical properties of different composite membranes were determi
Ecological restoration in desert area is a world problem. Vegetation restoration is one of the most sustainable methods, however it faces the challenge of scientific water utilization. The most effective way to solve this problem is the use of new material technology. This paper analyzes the princip