Rare earths are the critical fundamental materials for the preparation of new high-tech materials, and have been honoured as ‘the strategic elements in the 21st century’. This paper mainly introduces the current situation and the future development trend on the preparation technologies of the new ra
Pitting corrosion of passive metals is a classic issue in corrosion field. Over the past decades, the mechanism of pitting corrosion has attracted corrosion community striving to study. However, the mechanism at the pitting initiation stage is still controversy, due to the difficulty encountered in
The relaxation semiconductor is a material where the dielectric relaxation time is larger than the carrier lifetime, which is contrary to the lifetime semiconductor. The dielectric relaxation time is proportional to the resistivity, therefore relaxation semiconductors are typically high-re
Modern warfare puts forward new requirements for weapon equipments, such as long-distance delivery, precision strike, high-efficiency damage and strong survivability, hence traditional energetic materials face unprecedented challenges. This paper reviewed the main bottlenecks in the development of C