As one of the nanostructures of the most important elemental semiconductor – silicon, silicon nanocrystals have attracted great research interests given their remarkable optoelectronic properties and environmental friendliness. In the past decades, tremendous work has been carried out to understand
Innovating the R&D model of materials, accelerating the material R&D process, and reducing the R&D cost of materials are common concerns of countries around the world. Integrated computational materials engineering (ICME) and materials genetic initiative (MGI) are novel ideas and methods
It is of great importance to increase the modulus of magnesium matrix materials for enlarging its application. At present, the research and development of high-modulus magnesium matrix materials have received much attention all over the world, and consequently many researches have been carried out.
Complete densified core-shell (CS) structured Ti-6Al-4V (TC4) compact was synthesized by powders nitriding and subsequent spark plasma sintering (SPS). The microstructure and mechanical properties of CS-TC4 after solution treatment and ageing were investigated. The cross-section microstructures of n