Hydrogen has been considered as ideal energy carrier owing to its high combustion heat, abundant resource and zero pollutant. Development of hydrogen energy will play a positive effect on carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals, while it requires high-capacity and low-cost functional hydrogen sto
Solid-state hydrogen storage materials have been considered as one of the most promising hydrogen storage methods due to the advantages of high volumetric density, flexible transportation, good safety, etc. The development of hydrides with reversible hydrogen capability at low temperature (< 80
Amorphous alloys are a group of non-equilibrium materials with abundant energy states and various metastable characteristics, exhibiting completely new properties compared with the crystalline alloys in many aspects. In recent years, researchers reported a series of new Mg-based amorphous alloys for
The development of novel clean energy is crucial to mitigating the increasingly severe energy crisis, and hydrogen energy, a secondary energy source, is drawing attention. However, safe and efficient means of storing and transporting hydrogen plays an important role in the scale-up of hydrogen energ