Micro-nano scaffolds are typically a type of bionic scaffold with micro- or nano-scale features structurally. Compared with traditional scaffolds, micro-nano scaffolds have excellent surface effects and size effects, and thus exhibit great superiority in the treatment of various diseases. Especially
Stem cell has made tremendous progress on the treatment of diseases due to its self-renewal and directed differentiation. However, its therapeutic effect needs to be further improved. Recently, bioactive nanoparticles consisting of nanoparticles or nanoparticles loaded with chemicals, cytokines, nuc
The 3D bioprinting with stem cells has great prospect in organ or tissue repair. It constructs the 3D scaffolds with stem cells, growth factors and hydrogel biomaterials to regenerate the injured organs with the help of 3D bioprinter. However, the printable hydrogel biomaterials are deficient by co
Stem cell therapy is the most promising treatment in the field of tissue repair. However, vast majority of current investigations still remain in the stage of laboratory. It is of great significance to detect the distribution, activity, differentiation and apoptosis of stem cells after transplantati