Aluminum alloy is a very important structure material, which accounts for 40% to 70% weight of the aircraft structures. Aluminum alloy is widely used in the main bearing frame, beam, wing siding, skin and other parts of the aircraft. In the initial application, only static strength is required, and
The properties of aluminum alloys are developing towards high specific strength, high specific modulus, high damage tolerance, heat resistance and corrosion resistance. Microalloying is an important means to improve the properties of aluminum alloys. A large number of studies have shown that adding
Vehicle lightweighting utilizing aluminum alloys is one of the effective means to achieve energy saving and emission reduction. For a long time, automotive companies at home rely on imported aluminum alloy automotive sheets, which affects the process of vehicle lightweighting due to high cost and lo
Al-Li alloys are ideal aerospace materials due to their properties such as low density, high elastic modulus, high specific stiffness and strength, low fatigue crack propagation rate, good property at high and cryogenic temperatures. The research on novel Al-Li alloy materials attracted great attent