Precursor ceramics have the advantages of designable molecular structure, controllable chemical composition, convenient processing and forming, excellent mechanical properties, easy to form complex components, and easy to realize the integration of structure and function. Precursor ceramics overcome
With the accelerated consumption of petrochemical resources and the increasingly serious problem of environmental pollution, it has brought great challenges to the green and sustainable development of human society. The preparation of new green polymer materials from natural biomass has become one
Titanium alloys are widely used in aerospace, maritime military, and other fields, but their poor tribological properties their application in precision parts. Therefore, the study of lubricants suitable for the high precision forming process of titanium alloys is the key to achieve efficient machi
With the advantages of low cost and high cycle stability, porous carbons have dominated the active material market of commercial electric double-layer supercapacitor (EDLC). Their pore structures definitely have a critical impact on the capacitance and rate performance. Based on the same test condi