Conjugated microporous polymers (CMPs) are a class of porous polymers with a three-dimensional network skeleton and microporous structure, which consist of rigid aromatic structural units. Owing to their characteristics of stable porosity and semiconductor, they have shown significant potentials in
Ionic covalent organic frameworks (iCOFs) are an emerging subclass of COFs which contain either charged skeleton or charged pore interface. Besides the intrinsic advantages of neutral COFs such as large surface area, structural tunability and designability, the ionic moieties of iCOFs act as interac
Due to the high redox activity, low cost and diversity of the building blocks, organic redox active materials could be a class of promising electrode materials for rechargeable batteries. However, the high solubility of small organic molecules and linear polymers in organic electrolytes usually resu
Converting solar energy into chemical energy through artificial photosynthesis represents one of the most promising approaches to address the global energy crisis and environmental issues. Recently, two-dimensional covalent organic frameworks (COFs) have emerged as a promising class of photocatalyst