Iron-based magnetic nanomaterials can transform magnetic field into local energy such as thermal, electrical andmechanical. With the assistance of the magnetic nanoparticles, precise remotewireless regulation of neurons can be realized by applying external magnetic field, which provides a good appli
Polydopamine (PDA), as the most typical melanin analog, possesses excellent antioxidant activity and biocompatibility. These unique properties make polydopamine-based nanomaterials widely concerned in the fields of inflammation treatment, wound repair, and biomimetic material preparation. Although g
Protease is an essential basic macromolecular catalyst for the growth and development of biological system and nutritional and metabolic activities. It has always been the focus of life medicine and other fields. Studies have shown that most diseases are accompanied by abnormal expression of proteas
One of the significant challenges remaining in the field of drug delivery is insufficient targeting to diseased tissues or cells.Targeted drug delivery systems based on nanoparticles have shown a new hope in cancer treatment, but there still exist some problems including poor biocompatibility,uncont