Metal-organic framework functionalization and design strategies for advanced electrochemical energy storage devices

Avery E. Baumann, David A. Burns, Bingqian Liu & V. Sara Thoi
Communications Chemistryvolume 2, Article number: 86 (2019) | Download Citation

Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) are a class of porous materials with unprecedented chemical and structural tunability. Their synthetic versatility, long-range order, and rich host–guest chemistry make MOFs ideal platforms for identifying design features for advanced functional materials. This review addresses synthetic approaches to control MOF attributes for realizing material properties such as charge conductivity, stability, surface area, and flexibility. Along with an updated account on MOFs employed in batteries and supercapacitors, new directions are outlined for advancing MOF research in emergent technologies such as solid-state electrolytes and battery operation in extreme environments.

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