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1 Effects of Heat Treatment on Microstructures and Mechanical Performances of TC21 Titanium Alloy Forgings

2009年第9/10期 [84-87][Abstract](3800)(40)
2 Application of Transmission Electron Microscope in Thermoelectric Materials
2022年第12期 [1042-1048][Abstract](686)[pdf 13861KB](68)
3 Whole Process Prediction-Control of Residual Stress During the Manufacturing of Large Aluminum Alloy Components
2022年第11期 [899-908][Abstract](1628)[pdf 11946KB](99)
4 Thermal Effect in Copper Used for Continuously Transposed Cables of Ultra-High Voltage Transmission System
2022年第10期 [828-835][Abstract](1048)[pdf 16905KB](131)
5 Development and Challenges in Thermoelectric Conversion Devices
2022年第12期 [965-978][Abstract](1263)[pdf 14567KB](97)
6 Advances in the Enhancement of Hydrogen Sorption Performance of Magnesium-based Materials
2023年第02期 [1-8][Abstract](78)()
7 Performance Optimization of Bismuth Telluride Thermoelectric Materials and Its Application in Waste Heat Recovery of Ships
2022年第12期 [1049-1054][Abstract](728)[pdf 3085KB](82)
8 Recent Progress of Bi2Te3-Based Thermoelectric Thin Film Materials and Devices
2022年第12期 [1005-1017][Abstract](723)[pdf 13333KB](77)
9 Research Progress of Layered Double Hydroxides in Tumor Diagnosis and Therapy
2022年第09期 [718-729][Abstract](785)[pdf 4796KB](145)
10 Research Progress and Development Tendency of Aeronautical Aluminum Alloys
2022年第10期 [769-777][Abstract](1873)[pdf 8106KB](201)
11 Research Progress of Mg-Based Amorphous Hydrogen Storage Alloys
2023年第01期 [17-23][Abstract](624)()
12 Correlations between Properties and Structures of Al-Li Alloys and Novel Alloy Design
2022年第10期 [796-807][Abstract](1785)[pdf 26086KB](160)
13 Strengthening and Toughening of Cast Al-Li Alloys: Research Progress and Future Prospect
2022年第11期 [869-879][Abstract](1712)[pdf 16269KB](118)
14 Research Progress of External Field Assisted Semi-Continuous Casting for High Performance Aluminum Alloys
2022年第11期 [880-890][Abstract](1684)[pdf 31146KB](95)
15 Advance of Protease Targeted Fluorescent Theranostic Nanoprobes
2022年第09期 [689-696][Abstract](866)[pdf 2980KB](154)
16 Research Progress on the Regulation of Structure and Antioxidant Properties of Polydopamine-Based Nanomaterials and Their Biomedical Applications
2022年第09期 [679-688][Abstract](893)[pdf 3165KB](155)
17 Research Progress of the Iron-Based Magnetic Nanomaterials for Neuromodulation
2022年第09期 [669-678][Abstract](984)[pdf 2604KB](174)
18 Heterogeneous Microstructure Design and Property Optimization of Titanium Alloys Assisted by Phase Field Simulation
2022年第07期 [497-507][Abstract](1170)[pdf 24444KB](415)
19 Recent Advances of Metal Complexes for Organic Solar Cells
2022年第03期 [178-187][Abstract](1167)[pdf 12627KB](677)
20 Material Data Ecosystem for Materials Genome Engineering
2023年第02期 [40-47][Abstract](71)()
21 Polarized Photodetectors Based on Large-Area Organic Semiconductor Two-Dimensional Single-Crystal Film
2022年第03期 [169-177][Abstract](1280)[pdf 12006KB](501)
22 Field-Free Perpendicular Magnetization Switching Driven by Spin-Orbit Torque
2021年第12期 [972-981][Abstract](1189)[pdf 13264KB](731)
23 Research and Application of Metal Materials Prepared by Selective Electron Beam Melting
2022年第04期 [241-251][Abstract](1497)[pdf 32295KB](711)
24 Gradient Tailoring Method and Effect of Nitro Gradiently Distributed Propellant
2022年第02期 [92-97][Abstract](914)[pdf 5714KB](471)
25 Effect of Electron Beam Current on Microstructure and Properties of H13 Steel Fabricated by Selective Electron Beam Melting
2022年第04期 [268-273][Abstract](1221)[pdf 19777KB](459)
26 Research Progress of Superalloys Fabricated by Selective Electron Beam Melting (SEBM)
2022年第04期 [252-267][Abstract](1766)[pdf 33047KB](499)
27 Research Progress of Lipiodol Emulsion in Transarterial Interventional Embolization for Hepatocellular Carcinoma
2022年第09期 [742-748][Abstract](667)[pdf 1792KB](138)
28 Preparation of CNF/CNT/Carbon Fiber Reinforcement by Vacuum Filtration and Its Interfacial Properties of Composites
2022年第06期 [423-428][Abstract](970)[pdf 6463KB](293)
29 Research Progress on Energetic Thermoplastic Elastomers
2022年第02期 [117-128][Abstract](1088)[pdf 6879KB](487)
30 Recent Advances in New Materials Based on Carbon Dioxide Copolymers
2022年第01期 [30-38][Abstract](1313)[pdf 8305KB](669)
31 Development of High Performance Spintronic Terahertz Source and Its Application Prospect in Biomedicine
2021年第12期 [948-961][Abstract](1315)[pdf 8584KB](559)
32 The Current Development Situation and Future Development of Biodegradable Plastic Industry
2022年第01期 [52-65][Abstract](1879)[pdf 10674KB](1090)
33 Research Progress of Waste Nylon Recycling Technology
2022年第01期 [14-21][Abstract](1242)[pdf 3961KB](831)
34 Research Progress of High-Entropy Alloy Reinforced Metal Matrix Composites
2022年第05期 [331-337][Abstract](1282)[pdf 10930KB](519)
35 Development Status of Modern Display Technology & Industry at Home and Abroad
2022年第10期 [819-827][Abstract](1018)[pdf 1779KB](110)
36 Research Progress on Ultrafast Spin Dynamics Induced by Femtosecond Laser Pulse
2021年第12期 [963-971][Abstract](1174)[pdf 4201KB](541)
37 Effect of Nitrogen Flow on Corrosion Resistance of High Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering CrNx/CrC Composite Coating
向君1,曹悦悦2,梅屹峰1 ,王卓然1
2022年第07期 [573-577][Abstract](519)[pdf 5557KB](315)
38 Study on Preparation and Brazing Performance of AgCuGaInSn Brazing Filler
2022年第08期 [601-606][Abstract](1038)[pdf 8414KB](274)
39 Magnetic Domain Imaging by Differential Phase Contrast Technique of Transmission Electronic Microscopy
2021年第11期 [851-860][Abstract](1669)[pdf 11355KB](710)
40 Magnetic and Transport Properties of Triangular Antiferromagnetic Materials Mn3Z(Z=Ga,Ge,Sn)
2021年第11期 [861-870][Abstract](1465)[pdf 18279KB](640)
41 Surface Acoustic Wave Assisted Magnetic Domain Wall Motion in Ferrimagnetic CoTb Alloy
郑文慧1,2,边肖南1,蔺涛1,曹洋3, 苏丹1,孙一铭1,杨德政3,阎照文2,雷娜1
2021年第10期 [737-742][Abstract](1576)[pdf 5420KB](792)
42 Research Progress in Structures and Properties of Co-Based Heusler Alloys
2021年第10期 [743-755][Abstract](1731)[pdf 17253KB](696)
43 Application of Covalent Organic Frameworks in Lithium-Sulfur Batteries
2021年第09期 [659-668][Abstract](1750)[pdf 12097KB](898)
44 Recent Development of Magnon Spintronics
2021年第12期 [939-947][Abstract](1521)[pdf 2997KB](715)
45 Research and Development Progress and Prospects of High Purity Iron
2021年第10期 [762-771][Abstract](1705)[pdf 4455KB](828)
46 Research Progress of Biomass Carbon Materials as Anode Materials for Sodium/Potassium Ion Batteries
2021年第08期 [596-606][Abstract](2135)[pdf 18171KB](931)
47 Effect of Substrate Bias on Structure and Properties of Zr-B-O-N Thin Films
2022年第07期 [584-588][Abstract](406)[pdf 9561KB](307)
48 Morphologically Controllable Organic Porous Polymers: Synthesis, Functionalization and Application
2021年第09期 [697-711][Abstract](2890)[pdf 31016KB](858)
49 Anthraquinone-Based Conjugated Microporous Polymer as a Cathode Material for Lithium-Ion Battery
2021年第09期 [670-675][Abstract](1772)[pdf 7327KB](758)
50 Preparation and Application in the Field of Electricity Catalysis and Energy Storage of Antimonene
2022年第11期 [909-920][Abstract](1549)[pdf 17064KB](76)
51 Progress on Photo-Curing 3D Printing Polymer Materials
2022年第01期 [68-80][Abstract](803)[pdf 30172KB](587)
52 Functional Applications of Borohydrides for Hydrogen or Electricity Conversion and Storage
2022年第04期 [275-287][Abstract](977)[pdf 25477KB](473)
53 Research Progress on Metallic Nanolamellar Composites
2022年第10期 [808-818][Abstract](1486)[pdf 15207KB](139)
54 Research Progress on Structure Optimization of Composite Nanofiltration Membrane
2022年第08期 [661-668][Abstract](689)[pdf 5820KB](227)
55 Research and Application Progress of Hemoglobin Oxygen Carrier
2022年第05期 [338-344][Abstract](813)[pdf 6068KB](368)
56 Progress on the Black Phosphorus Nanomaterials for Photocatalysis
2021年第07期 [493-507][Abstract](2019)[pdf 19251KB](899)
57 Research Progress in Preparation of Nitrogen-Rich Conjugated Microporous Polymers for Energy and Environmental Applications
2021年第09期 [645-658][Abstract](3462)[pdf 20018KB](982)
58 ThreeDimensional Characterization Techniques of Dislocations
2021年第06期 [417-426][Abstract](2173)[pdf 17391KB](1551)
59 Research Development of Lithium Alloy Anode Materials
2021年第08期 [573-586][Abstract](1875)[pdf 14749KB](1263)
60 Research Progress on Modification of Paraffin-Based Phase Change Energy Storage Materials for Construction
2022年第08期 [607-616][Abstract](912)[pdf 5119KB](280)
61 Research Progress of Polysiloxane Terminated with Single Active Functional Group
王旸1,2,伍川1,2,董红1,2,瞿志荣1,2,石鹏春3, 陈炜3,甘方树3,陈峰兵3,张涛3
2022年第08期 [624-634][Abstract](879)[pdf 5227KB](243)
62 Ruthenium Single Atoms Supported on Graphitic Carbon Nitride for Nitrogen Photofixation
李 丽1,2,余 愿1,孙东峰1,许并社1
2021年第03期 [234-240][Abstract](1850)[pdf 3174KB](1084)
63 The Compatibility in vitro and in vivo of Novel Biomedical Magnesium Alloy
2022年第11期 [959-964][Abstract](173)[pdf 5561KB](81)
64 Research Progress of Ti2AlNb Based Alloy and Its Additive Manufacturing Technology
2022年第08期 [645-652][Abstract](745)[pdf 6865KB](268)
65 Research Progress on Environmental Barrier Coatings Materials for Ceramic Matrix Composites
2021年第04期 [257-266][Abstract](2573)[pdf 17278KB](1802)
66 Preparation of Orthosiphon Stamineus Nano-Dispersion and Its Effect on Uric Acid
2021年第04期 [297-300][Abstract](1638)[pdf 7819KB](1447)
67 Nano-imaging via BaTiO3 microsphere (n2) immersed inside liquids
2023年第02期 [62-67][Abstract](81)()
68 Research Progress on Induction Mechanism of Graphitization Phase Transition of Diamond Materials
2022年第07期 [536-546][Abstract](957)[pdf 9155KB](327)
69 Research Progress on Strengthening-Toughening for Compounds of Transition-Metal and Light-Element Atoms
谷鑫磊1,2,张 侃1,2,文 懋1,2,郑伟涛1,2
2021年第03期 [167-177][Abstract](3730)[pdf 5708KB](1335)
70 Study on the Preparation of B4C-SiC Composite Ceramics and Their Physical-Mechanical Properties
2022年第05期 [407-412][Abstract](440)[pdf 8165KB](317)
71 Research and Application Review on High Friction Surface Treatment Materials of Pavement
2022年第10期 [836-848][Abstract](373)[pdf 11431KB](105)
72 Recent Advances of Nano Metal-Organic Frameworks as Bio-Imaging Agents
2022年第10期 [857-863][Abstract](406)[pdf 6890KB](109)
73 Progress and Prospect of Key Technologies for Aluminum Foam Materials in China
2022年第07期 [547-553][Abstract](1002)[pdf 1894KB](338)
74 Application Research Progress of X-ray CT in Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites
2022年第07期 [525-535][Abstract](904)[pdf 9674KB](334)
75 Study on the Protection Mechanism of a High Temperature Resistant Anticorrosive Coating
孙晓峰1, 周开河2, 宋巍1, 李占明1, 郭小平3, 郑文茹3, 刘栓3
2022年第11期 [947-953][Abstract](1508)[pdf 13405KB](74)
76 Inverse Design of Ternary Gold Alloy Materials with Low Resistivity
2021年第04期 [251-256][Abstract](2115)[pdf 5648KB](1225)
77 合金元素对氧化钨氢还原过程和钨相关材料的组织与性能影响研究综述
ZHANG Taiquan1,2, LONG Benfu2, LIN Gaoan2
2022年第06期 [466-476][Abstract](572)[pdf 1581KB](279)
78 Research Progress on Formability of HighStrength 7000 (Al-Zn-Mg-Cu) Series Aluminum Alloy
2020年第12期 [924-933][Abstract](2784)[pdf 14041KB](1479)
79 La/Ni(111)表面CO甲烷化:助剂La对活性和选择性的影响
ZHI Cuimei1, ZHANG Riguang2, WANG Baojun2
2020年第09期 [670-680][Abstract](1826)[pdf 11765KB](1296)
80 Synchrotron Radiation Small Angle X-ray Scattering in Materials Research
2021年第02期 [112-119][Abstract](2736)[pdf 2723KB](1762)
81 Research Progress of Surface Modification Coatings on Titanium Alloys for Bone Implants
2021年第08期 [631-638][Abstract](1076)[pdf 7001KB](894)
82 Research Progress on Microstructure and Sensitivity Characteristics of SnO2 Materials for Ethanol Detection
2022年第07期 [554-562][Abstract](569)[pdf 12548KB](394)
83 Research Progress in the Dispersion of Graphene Conductive Agents in Lithium-Ion Batteries
2022年第03期 [215-221][Abstract](785)[pdf 8216KB](437)
84 Effect of Multi-Pass Drawing and Tensile Straightening on the Residual Stress of High-Carbon Steel Wire
2021年第06期 [427-431][Abstract](1643)[pdf 5043KB](1121)
85 Influence of Methane on Hydrogen Permeation Pd Alloy Membrane in High Temperature and High Pressure
2020年第12期 [981-985][Abstract](2473)[pdf 10548KB](1510)
86 Preparation and Property of Flexible Sensor Based on Poly (styrene-butadiene-styrene)
2022年第10期 [849-856][Abstract](1036)[pdf 2501KB](111)
87 Spaceflight Application and Fabrication of High-Performance In-Situ Titanium Matrix Composites
2020年第12期 [945-954][Abstract](2299)[pdf 13792KB](1453)
88 Research Progress of Additive Manufacturing Technology Application in Biomimicry
2022年第02期 [156-160][Abstract](586)[pdf 3363KB](490)
89 Discussion on the Terminology of Acoustic Metamaterials
黄唯纯1,颜士玲1,李鑫1,卢明辉1 ,李勇2 ,王兆宏3,张燕妮4,12 ,等
2021年第01期 [1-6][Abstract](3044)[pdf 644KB](1852)
90 Visual Analysis of Titanium Aluminum Alloy Research Based on CiteSpace
2021年第11期 [922-929][Abstract](902)[pdf 8688KB](565)
91 Toughening Factors and Research Status of Fine-Grained Titanium Alloy for Micro-Screw
2020年第10期 [776-781][Abstract](2551)[pdf 4898KB](1668)
92 Research Progress on Insulation Performance of Thermal Barrier Coatings on Turbine Blade
周益春1,杨丽1, 2,刘志远1,朱旺1
2020年第10期 [707-722][Abstract](2975)[pdf 16308KB](2131)
93 Research Progress in the RealTime Acoustic Emission Characterization of Failure in Thermal Barrier Coatings
杨丽1,2, 周益春2,朱旺2
2020年第11期 [878-896][Abstract](2700)[pdf 25117KB](1577)
94 Progress on the Research and Applications of Acoustic Metamaterials
2021年第01期 [57-68][Abstract](3018)[pdf 12716KB](2234)
95 Research on Acoustic Metasurface and Its Acoustic Wave Control Characteristics
2021年第01期 [48-56][Abstract](2402)[pdf 8021KB](1749)
96 Research on Low Frequency Broadband Sound Absorption Metamaterial Based on Combined Micro-Perforated Plate
2021年第01期 [29-33][Abstract](2256)[pdf 5023KB](1410)
97 Research on underwater acoustic metamaterials
2021年第01期 [7-21][Abstract](2690)[pdf 21953KB](1676)
98 Two-Dimensional Transitional Metal Carbonitrides Nanomaterials for Application in Nanomedicine
李光强1,2,巩 飞2,王咸文2,肖志东1,程 亮2
2021年第03期 [178-188][Abstract](2305)[pdf 7771KB](1271)
99 Study on the Process of Purifying Silver Waste Liquid by Copper Sheet Replacement Method
2020年第10期 [787-789][Abstract](2174)[pdf 1736KB](1229)
100 Lubrication and Failure Mechanism of MoS2-based Bonded Solid Lubricating Coatings on Zirconium Alloy Surface
2021年第11期 [911-916][Abstract](1007)[pdf 11291KB](607)
101 Tuning Method of Low-Frequency Acoustics for Locally Resonant Pentamode Metamaterials
2021年第01期 [34-47][Abstract](2704)[pdf 24725KB](1732)
102 Numerical Simulation of Thermal Barrier Coating Damage Failure Based on the ForceHeat Equivalence Energy Density Principle
2020年第11期 [871-877][Abstract](2837)[pdf 6480KB](1479)
103 Application of Metal Organic Framework Materials in the Field of Photocatalytic Hydrogen Production
白雪1, 张威1, 韩俊萍2, 郭建平2,刘博1
2022年第03期 [206-214][Abstract](846)[pdf 8991KB](407)
104 Medical Tissue Adhesives: Research Progress
2020年第7-8期 [535-550][Abstract](3226)[pdf 20563KB](2078)
105 Recent Progress of in situ Transmission Electron Microscopy on Electrochemical Energy Storage
2020年第7-8期 [559-575][Abstract](3137)[pdf 34345KB](2066)
106 Progresses of R&D on TiAlloy Materials in Recent 5 Years
2020年第7-8期 [527-534][Abstract](3451)[pdf 17915KB](2329)
107 Current Status and Development Trend of Titanium Alloy for Marine Engineering in China
2020年第7-8期 [585-590][Abstract](3417)[pdf 732KB](2001)
108 Progress on Nuclear Pressure Vessel Steels and Its Manufacturing Technology in China
2020年第7-8期 [509-518][Abstract](2914)[pdf 22563KB](1750)
109 Research Progress of Crack Growth of Thermal Barrier Coatings via Numerical Simulation
胡忠超1,2,王亮2,庄铭翔2,张桓瑜2,李广书2,王铀3, 杨勇1
2020年第10期 [740-753][Abstract](2916)[pdf 14707KB](1810)
110 Research Progress of Graphene Composites in the Field of Electrothermal Anti-Icing/Deicing
2022年第06期 [487-496][Abstract](697)[pdf 9830KB](310)
111 Research Progress of Thermal Battery Separator
2020年第10期 [763-768][Abstract](3084)[pdf 4537KB](1527)
112 Study on the Annealing Behavior of Al-Mg-Mn-Sc As-cast Alloy
2021年第11期 [917-921][Abstract](978)[pdf 8429KB](576)
113 PhosphorescenceBased Measurement Technology for Thermomechanical Parameters in Thermal Barrier Coatings
蔡涛1,2, 赵晓峰2,3,刘应征1,2, 彭迪1,2
2020年第10期 [728-739][Abstract](2808)[pdf 8402KB](1917)
114 A New Type Extra-High Strength and Medium Toughness Titanium Alloy of Ti-1500
2021年第06期 [441-445][Abstract](1467)[pdf 6174KB](1150)
115 Research Progress on Warm Mix Asphalt Technologies
2020年第09期 [653-660][Abstract](2658)[pdf 6221KB](1859)
116 Study on Solid Solution Technology and Microstructure of QBe2 Beryllium Bronze Alloy
2022年第03期 [237-240][Abstract](685)[pdf 3578KB](447)
117 Investigation on Trans-Scale Hardness and Interface Gradient Effect of Advanced Coating System
梁立红1,刘海燕2, 宋晶如3,王颖彪3,魏悦广2
2020年第10期 [723-727][Abstract](2920)[pdf 9092KB](1532)
118 硅烯在水化硅酸钙表面成核与生长的理论研究
ZHOU Yang1,2, ZHENG Haojie1, QIU Yuwen1, ZOU Xixi1, HUANG Jiale1
2020年第06期 [430-436][Abstract](2800)[pdf 8301KB](1393)
119 Application and Challenges of Solar Cells Using Metal Organic Framework Materials
2021年第08期 [618-625][Abstract](1507)[pdf 7048KB](968)
120 Research Progress of Biomedical Ultrafine-Grain Titanium and Titanium Alloy
2022年第04期 [314-320][Abstract](759)[pdf 678KB](508)
121 Research Progress on Polymer-Based Electromagnetic Shielding Materials with Multi-Elemment Composite Structure
2021年第12期 [1007-1014][Abstract](964)[pdf 9086KB](494)
122 Effect and Hazard of Common Metal Elements on Human Body
李争显1,2,李伟2,LEI Jiajun3,LI Qianyu4,刘林涛1,周廉1
2020年第12期 [934-944][Abstract](2412)[pdf 2782KB](1631)
123 Research Progress on Lithium Extraction from Acid/Alkali Mediums of Fly Ash
2021年第05期 [366-373][Abstract](1785)[pdf 4111KB](1126)
124 Research Status on Nano Carbon Containing Low-Carbon Refractories
2020年第12期 [911-917][Abstract](2519)[pdf 8439KB](1155)
125 Effect of Liquid Silicone Resin on the Properties of Al2O3 Based Ceramic Core
2021年第07期 [535-541][Abstract](1344)[pdf 20846KB](806)
126 Progress of Bacteria-Mediated Biomineralization
2021年第11期 [930-937][Abstract](672)[pdf 8106KB](592)
127 Study on the Development of Global Polycrystalline Diamond Superhard Cutting Tool Based on Patent Analysis
2021年第06期 [446-453][Abstract](1370)[pdf 9614KB](1091)
128 Recent Advance of Copper Tungsten Composite Materials
2021年第02期 [152-160][Abstract](2310)[pdf 2900KB](1576)
129 Chemical Synthesis and Photoelectric Devices Application of p-TSO Delafossite Materials
2021年第07期 [525-534][Abstract](1754)[pdf 12053KB](934)
130 Ceramic Materials for Additive Manufacturing and Their Forming Technologies
2020年第05期 [337-348][Abstract](3534)[pdf 14163KB](1882)
131 Recent Advances in Amine Functionalized Aerogels for CO2 Adsorption
2021年第05期 [352-358][Abstract](2364)[pdf 3397KB](1616)
132 Research Progress in Design and Property Calculation of Strengthening Phases in Wear-Resistant Steels Materials
2019年第12期 [1145-1158][Abstract](3336)[pdf 11650KB](1865)
133 Research progress of molten salt/metal composites phase change materials for thermal energy storage
2019年第12期 [1177-1185][Abstract](3362)[pdf 2938KB](1825)
134 Progress on Aerogel Materials Used for Air Filtration
周 川1, 2,杨小兵1, 2,孙国翔3,何松3,杨 光1, 2,张守鑫1, 2,杨博1, 2
2019年第12期 [1186-1192][Abstract](3254)[pdf 2260KB](1936)
135 Evolution Rule of Pore Structure and Thermal Performance of Foam Concrete under Accelerated Weathering Tests
丁杨1,董晶亮2 ,王中平3 ,黄神恩3
2019年第12期 [1199-1204][Abstract](2687)[pdf 3012KB](2087)
136 Research Progress on Microstructure and Coalesced Bainite of Welded Deposited Metal to High Strength Steel with Tensile Strength above 690 MPa

栗卓新 1,苏小虎 1,李红 1, KIM Hee Jin2
2019年第12期 [1169-1176][Abstract](2961)[pdf 3043KB](1706)
137 Analysis on Patents Application Situation of Coated Zirconium Alloy Cladding
2021年第04期 [275-280][Abstract](1938)[pdf 4131KB](1614)
138 Progress in Optimization of Mesenchymal Stem Cells by Three-Dimensional Spheroid Culture
2020年第04期 [278-286][Abstract](2624)[pdf 10881KB](2030)
139 Recent Progress in High Energy Product 2∶17-Type Sm-Co-Based Permanent Magnets
2020年第05期 [364-372][Abstract](3242)[pdf 16206KB](1636)
140 Study on Preparation and Properties of Te Nanowires/ PEDOT∶PSS Thermoelectric Films by Electrospinning
2021年第07期 [518-524][Abstract](1644)[pdf 9458KB](905)
141 Research Progress of Standards on Additive Manufacturing
2020年第12期 [955-961][Abstract](3021)[pdf 748KB](1663)
142 Research Progress of LowDensity ResinBased Thermal Protection Materials
2019年第11期 [1086-1092][Abstract](3051)[pdf 3042KB](2082)
143 Research Progress of High Stress Induced Compression Creep of Titanium Alloys
2019年第11期 [1074-1081][Abstract](2689)[pdf 2290KB](2219)
144 Research Progress of Metallic Hollow Sphere Composites
2019年第11期 [1102-1112][Abstract](3060)[pdf 1135KB](2270)
145 Research on the CuNb Microcomposites Reinforced by Graphene
2019年第11期 [1082-1085][Abstract](3015)[pdf 1475KB](1779)
146 Review on Research in SiO2 Matrix Composite Phase Change Materials Based on Sol-Gel Method
2019年第11期 [1113-1120][Abstract](2917)[pdf 4923KB](1762)
147 Aging and Microstructure Evolution of Polyamide-12 during Selective Laser Sintering
2019年第11期 [1053-1061][Abstract](3213)[pdf 3015KB](1867)
148 Research Status of Preparation Technology of Spherical Titanium Powder for 3D Printing
2019年第11期 [1093-1101][Abstract](2990)[pdf 3063KB](2295)
149 Study on the Sulfate Resistance of Concrete and the Influencing Factors of Ion Diffusion
2021年第05期 [359-365][Abstract](1405)[pdf 5497KB](1091)
150 Comparative Study of C/C-HfC-SiC and C/C-HfC-ZrC-SiC Composites Fabricated by Reactive Melt Infiltration
2021年第05期 [394-400][Abstract](1683)[pdf 14172KB](1671)
151 Study on Properties of High Saturation Magnetic Induction Fe-Based Amorphous Alloy Strips
2020年第10期 [790-794][Abstract](2461)[pdf 4590KB](1289)
152 Research Progress of RuO2-TiO2/Ti Anode
2021年第04期 [314-320][Abstract](1928)[pdf 9322KB](1228)
153 Influence of Nano-Sb2O3 Particles on Mechanical Properties of PBTBased Composites
2020年第05期 [391-394][Abstract](2017)[pdf 5785KB](1447)
154 Study on the Performance of TiO2/C Hybrids as Anode Materials of Sodium-Ion Batteries
徐梦1, 刘博文1,吴昱2,刘庆雷1
2021年第04期 [301-307][Abstract](2264)[pdf 13136KB](1190)
155 Antimicrobial Surface Functionalization of Poly(arylene ether nitrile)s Containing Phthalazinone Moieties with Polypeptides
2019年第10期 [1009-1015][Abstract](2947)[pdf 4492KB](1802)
156 Advances in Application of HighPerformance Polymers in the New Energy Storage Field
2019年第10期 [990-998][Abstract](2749)[pdf 1115KB](2013)
157 Research Progress of Dental Implant Materials and Surface Processing
2021年第02期 [139-146][Abstract](1841)[pdf 4230KB](1353)
158 Design, Preparation and Manufacturing Technology of Special Mold Steel Powder Materials for Additive Manufacturing
2020年第05期 [356-362][Abstract](2874)[pdf 8223KB](1568)
159 Development of Finite Element Modeling Technique for Metal Matrix Composites with Tailored Architectures
2020年第06期 [437-449][Abstract](2852)[pdf 25751KB](1762)
160 Service Performance of Titanium Alloy in Marine Environment
2020年第03期 [185-190][Abstract](3052)[pdf 7765KB](1843)
161 Recent Progress on the Surface Modification and Protection of Magnesium Alloys
2020年第2期 [100-111][Abstract](3045)[pdf 17444KB](1816)
162 Research on Properties of Al Alloy for In-Situ Hydrogen Production
2020年第12期 [974-980][Abstract](2367)[pdf 10677KB](1544)
163 Research on Nanomaterials in Oilfield for Oil Recovery Enhancement
潘 一1,廖松泽1,杨双春1,NIGMATULLIN Dinar2,李 敏3,李存磊1
2021年第03期 [210-217][Abstract](1999)[pdf 1841KB](1170)
164 Progress in the Phase Transformation Mechanisms of Ordered ω and Orthorhombic Phases in TiAl Alloys
2020年第09期 [634-641][Abstract](2454)[pdf 10273KB](1467)
165 Recent Progress in Welding Technology under External Magnetic Fields
2020年第06期 [472-479][Abstract](2182)[pdf 4696KB](1294)
166 Research Progress on Impact Factors to Output Power of Semiconductor Laser
黄佳瑶1,尚 林1,马淑芳1,张 帅1,刘青明1,侯艳艳1,孔庆波1,许并社1,2
2021年第03期 [218-224][Abstract](1970)[pdf 2311KB](1380)
167 Research Progress and Prospect of Electron Beam Freeform Fabrication
2021年第02期 [130-138][Abstract](2198)[pdf 3803KB](1490)
168 Material Database and Application Status of Data Mining Technology
杨 丽13,苏 航12,柴 锋1,罗小兵1,段琳娜12
2019年第07期 [672-681][Abstract](4059)[pdf 4774KB](2618)
169 Research progress on joining of ceramic reinforced titanium matrix composites
2019年第07期 [696-704][Abstract](3209)[pdf 8502KB](2108)
170 Research Progress on Oxide Scale Control Technology of Steel in China
2019年第07期 [689-695][Abstract](3343)[pdf 18236KB](2423)
171 Progress in Preparation and Application of GrapheneLike Transition Metal Sulfides
2019年第10期 [1023-1029][Abstract](2563)[pdf 6975KB](1958)
172 Research Progress on High-Speed 850/980 nm Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers
2021年第04期 [290-296][Abstract](2271)[pdf 4043KB](1224)
173 Element Selection of Medical Magnesium Alloys from the Perspective of Degradable Metals
2020年第2期 [92-99][Abstract](3361)[pdf 10158KB](1918)
174 Research Progress on Functional Materials as Metal Organic Frameworks for Drug Carriers
2020年第06期 [480-486][Abstract](2627)[pdf 14454KB](1397)
175 Research Progress on V-Shaped Pit Defects of GaN-Based LED
2020年第12期 [968-973][Abstract](2882)[pdf 7768KB](1284)
176 Failure Mechanism of 12Cr1MoVG Tubes from Reheater in an Ultra-Supercritical Boiler
2019年第06期 [614-619][Abstract](2915)[pdf 11931KB](1910)
177 Research Progress on Erosion Wear Resistance of Epoxy Resin in Liquid-Solid Two-Phase Flow
2019年第06期 [594-601][Abstract](2547)[pdf 6594KB](1998)
178 Effect of Spark Plasma Sintering on Sintering Process of Filled Skutterudites Thermoelectric Properties
2019年第06期 [588-593][Abstract](3118)[pdf 14230KB](2035)
179 Magnetic Nanoparticles for Labelling and Functional Regulation of Mesenchymal Stem Cells
2019年第06期 [559-566][Abstract](3417)[pdf 6555KB](2148)
180 Application of Bioactive Nanoparticles on Mesenchymal Stem Cell Therapy
2019年第06期 [542-550][Abstract](3739)[pdf 2552KB](2392)
181 Micro-Nano Scaffolds for Stem Cells and Its Clinical Application Prospects
刘鑫1,2, 孙剑飞1,2 ,顾宁1,2
2019年第06期 [533-541][Abstract](3451)[pdf 2780KB](2190)
182 Fatigue Data Analysis of Crane Box Beam Based on Acoustic Emission Technique
2020年第05期 [373-378][Abstract](2240)[pdf 9182KB](1432)
183 Research Progress of Adaptive Camouflage Materials and Technology
2020年第05期 [404-410][Abstract](3279)[pdf 8506KB](2091)
184 Research Progress of MultiSystem Glasses and Glass Ceramics Containing TiO2 and Their Optoelectronic Applications
2020年第06期 [464-471][Abstract](2387)[pdf 6842KB](1297)
185 Applications of Atomic Force Microscopy in Negative Electrode Materials of Lithium Ion Batteries Research
2020年第05期 [411-420][Abstract](2548)[pdf 11115KB](1607)
186 Research Progress on Rare Earth Hexaboride
2020年第2期 [124-132][Abstract](2656)[pdf 7460KB](1647)
187 Micro/Nano-Fabrication and Properties of Biomimetic Bone Tissue Engineering Materials
2020年第09期 [691-700][Abstract](2328)[pdf 22805KB](1580)
188 Machine Learning Assisted High-Throughput Experiments Accelerates the Composition Design of Hard High-Entropy Alloy CoxCryTizMouWv
2020年第04期 [269-277][Abstract](3126)[pdf 17312KB](2432)
189 Relation Between Secondary Normal Stress Difference and Die Swell in Gas-Assisted Coextrusion Process
2019年第05期 [517-522][Abstract](2558)[pdf 8246KB](2001)
190 Present Research Status and Progress of Solar Cells
2019年第05期 [505-511][Abstract](2945)[pdf 1363KB](2332)
191 Numerical Simulation of Bulletproof Performance of Spliced Ceramic Composite Armor
2019年第05期 [497-504][Abstract](2683)[pdf 11362KB](2259)
192 Research Progress on Film Induced Cracking of Ductile Substrates
2019年第05期 [480-488][Abstract](2770)[pdf 17882KB](2457)
193 Precision Synthesis and Controlled Assembly of Giant Molecule Isomers
2019年第05期 [413-425][Abstract](3411)[pdf 16619KB](2071)
194 Preparation of Poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene)/ Nickel Foam Composite Electrode and Its Application in Supercapacitors
2020年第09期 [701-706][Abstract](2488)[pdf 11123KB](1782)
195 Research on Optimization and Prediction Mechanism of Material Properties Based on Gradient and Feature Analysis in Convolution Neural Network
2020年第05期 [385-390][Abstract](2919)[pdf 8506KB](1954)
196 Effect of High Temperature Service on Microstructure and Properties of HP40Nb Furnace Tube Joint
2020年第2期 [133-137][Abstract](2497)[pdf 11797KB](2007)
197 Preparation and Properties of CeO2, TiO2 and Ce0.5Ti0.5O2 Catalytic Carriers
2019年第04期 [401-409][Abstract](2793)[pdf 14985KB](2307)
198 Effect of Strain Rates on Rotary Backward Extrusion of Mg-13Gd-4Y-2Zn-0.5Zr Magnesium Alloy
2019年第04期 [389-395][Abstract](2970)[pdf 18609KB](2486)
199 Research Progress on Immobilized ZnO Nanostructures for Environmental Photocatalysis
2019年第04期 [375-383][Abstract](3121)[pdf 17047KB](2303)
200 Nonlinear Photonic Metamaterials
2019年第04期 [342-351][Abstract](4542)[pdf 7695KB](2463)
201 Research Status and Development Tendency of Ultra-High Strength Steel Wire for Bridge Cables
2020年第05期 [395-403][Abstract](2661)[pdf 7673KB](1665)
202 Research Progress of Structural Modification of Drug Carrier to Achieve Endosome Escape
2019年第03期 [271-278][Abstract](2978)[pdf 8585KB](2773)
203 激光焊接Ti-6Al-4V钛合金塑性行为的原位SEM/EBSD分析
DANG Ning1, 2, LIU Lingyu3, LAVOGIEZ Cyril2, MAIRE Eric2, MA Chaoli1, ZHOU Lian1, 4
2019年第03期 [279-285][Abstract](2895)[pdf 10550KB](2246)
204 Research Status on Removal Technology of Ceramic Core for Hollow Blades
2019年第03期 [264-270][Abstract](3129)[pdf 4321KB](2616)
205 Strengthening and Toughening Mechanisms of the Second Phase in Titanium Alloys and Titanium Matrix Composites
黄陆军1,2,耿 林1,2,彭华新3
2019年第03期 [214-222][Abstract](4439)[pdf 11938KB](2940)
206 Second Phase Particle Strengthening in Magnesium Alloys
2019年第03期 [193-204][Abstract](4470)[pdf 8517KB](3487)
207 Application Status of Electron Beam Cold Hearth Melting Technology
冯寅楠1,闫鹏2, 贾国斌3
2020年第04期 [295-303][Abstract](2376)[pdf 4328KB](1839)
208 Effect of T6 Heat Treatment on the Interfacial Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of A356/6082 Aluminum Alloy Composite Plate


2019年第02期 [177-182][Abstract](2685)[pdf 8774KB](2459)
209 Effect of AlSi Alloy Interlayer on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Diffusion-Bonded Mg/Al Joints


2019年第02期 [173-176][Abstract](2482)[pdf 4723KB](2500)
210 Electrochemical Corrosion Properties of Electron Beam 3D Printing Ti-6Al-4V Alloy


2019年第02期 [167-172][Abstract](2943)[pdf 6720KB](2777)
211 Research Progress on Synthesis of Layered Double Hydroxides(LDHs) and Their Applications in Photocatalysis
2019年第02期 [91-97][Abstract](3556)[pdf 3136KB](2489)
212 NanoDrugs and Gene Delivery System Based on Cyclodextrins
2019年第02期 [148-154][Abstract](3410)[pdf 8756KB](2277)
213 Progress in Proton Irradiation of Reactor Pressure Vessel Steels
2019年第02期 [138-147][Abstract](3550)[pdf 7915KB](2806)
214 Research Hot Spots and Fronts Mining of Material Science:A Case Study of Fullerene
曾硕勋1, 2,冯敏3,姜玲1, 2
2019年第02期 [161-166][Abstract](3124)[pdf 5570KB](2267)
215 Research Progress on Polyvinyl AlcoholBased Phase Change Composites
2020年第03期 [234-242][Abstract](2579)[pdf 9206KB](1925)
216 9,9′Bifluorenylidene Derivatives for Organic Photovoltaic Cells
2020年第04期 [315-324][Abstract](2293)[pdf 9865KB](1549)
217 Research Progress on Carbon Materials with HighOriented Thermal Conductivity
2020年第06期 [450-457][Abstract](2972)[pdf 9525KB](1653)
218 Research Progress of Transition Metal Sulfide as Counter Electrode in Dye Sensitized Solar Cells
2019年第01期 [77-82][Abstract](3455)[pdf 1783KB](2660)
219 Research Progress of Uranium Dioxide Based Accident Tolerant Fuel
2019年第01期 [58-67][Abstract](3562)[pdf 6225KB](2508)
220 Mechanical Metamaterials: Architected Materials and Unexplored Properties
2019年第01期 [14-21][Abstract](5112)[pdf 4354KB](3970)
221 Research Progress of Tunable Dielectric Metamaterials
2019年第01期 [1-13][Abstract](4107)[pdf 7169KB](3602)
222 Progress of Metamaterial Cloaking in Multiple Physical Fields
2019年第01期 [30-40][Abstract](4232)[pdf 6076KB](2856)
223 Research Progress of Bioglass in Tissue Regeneration
2020年第2期 [151-155][Abstract](2074)[pdf 1760KB](1635)
224 Synthesis of Binder-Free Titanium Dioxide Anode Materials for Rechargeable Sodium-Ion Batteries
2020年第04期 [287-294][Abstract](2430)[pdf 11791KB](1986)
225 Mechanical Behavior of Nanostructured Metallic Materials Prepared by Severe Plastic Deformation
2019年第10期 [1030-1036][Abstract](2565)[pdf 9038KB](2374)
226 Al-modified environmental barrier coating prepared by atmospheric plasma spray
2018年第12期 [11-15][Abstract](3857)[pdf 17633KB](2669)
227 Study on the Glass Corrosion Resistance of Platinumand Platinum Alloy Materials
2018年第11期 [61-65][Abstract](3452)[pdf 4842KB](2641)
228 Simulation Analysis on Residual Stress in Plasma Sprayed ZrB2Based Coatings on C/C Composite
2018年第11期 [46-50][Abstract](3070)[pdf 7806KB](2687)
229 Cellular Response on Collagen/HA Composite Coating of Porous Titanium
2018年第11期 [41-45][Abstract](3277)[pdf 5252KB](2667)
230 Research on Sulfate Resistance of Concrete
2018年第11期 [36-40][Abstract](3134)[pdf 2492KB](2595)
231 Research progress and perspectives of maleic anhydride and its derivatives in critical materials for lithium batteries
2018年第11期 [20-25][Abstract](3999)[pdf 13782KB](2654)
232 Insights into the Development for Post-CHNO Energetic Materials
黄辉1 ,黄亨建2
2018年第11期 [16-20][Abstract](3737)[pdf 5215KB](3013)
233 Feasibility Analysis of Tin in the Application of 3D Printing Materials
2018年第10期 [61-65][Abstract](3291)[pdf 4555KB](2589)
234 Research and Development of the Third Generation Steels for Automobile with Ultra-High Strength and Product of Strength and Elongation Based on Strength and Plasticity Enhancement by Multi-Dimensions Mechanisms
2018年第10期 [56-60][Abstract](3554)[pdf 7241KB](2411)
235 Thermal Protections and Silicide Coatings on Niobium Alloy
2018年第10期 [51-55][Abstract](2959)[pdf 8295KB](3071)
236 Rearch progress in conductive elastomers applied under the condition of large deformation
谢 安1, 张亦旸2,张 明1*
2018年第10期 [16-20][Abstract](3468)[pdf 7384KB](2523)
237 HighEfficiency Tandem Organic LightEmitting Diodes and Their Fabrication Techniques
2018年第10期 [5-10][Abstract](4139)[pdf 13488KB](3073)
238  Research Progress on Ceria-based Rare-earth Catalytic Materials using for Air Pollution Control
 翁端1,冉锐 1,曹译丹2,刘爽3,吴晓东 1,司知蠢4
2018年第10期 [1-05][Abstract](4610)[pdf 8012KB](3287)
239 The Effect of Matrix Aluminum Alloy Composition on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of B4C/Al Composites by Pressureless Infiltration
2020年第2期 [156-162][Abstract](2367)[pdf 14337KB](1993)
240 Development of Grain Refining Mechanism of Al Alloys by AlTiB Master Alloys
2018年第8期 [70-75][Abstract](3854)[pdf 8266KB](2942)
241 Recent Advances of 3D Printing Graphene Based Functional Materials
2018年第8期 [58-69][Abstract](3038)[pdf 12794KB](3004)
242 Preparation of Superhydrophobic Microstructure Surface by the Deposition Melting Method
刘洋1,欧阳清1,栾红伟 2
2020年第1期 [59-63][Abstract](3041)[pdf 3671KB](2050)
243 Progress in Lightweight Application Research of Additive Manufacturing Technology
2020年第2期 [163-138][Abstract](2729)[pdf 5882KB](1870)
244 Research Progress of Graphene Based TwoDimensional Materials Modified Anticorrosive Coatings
2018年第07期 [36-40][Abstract](3438)[pdf 7029KB](2905)
245 Effect of Hot Rolling Temperature on Cold Roll Formability of TC20 Alloy
2018年第07期 [26-30][Abstract](2961)[pdf 17751KB](2888)
246 Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of a High-Nitrogen Core-Shell Network Structured Ti6Al4V Alloy
2018年第07期 [21-25][Abstract](4180)[pdf 23653KB](2909)
247 Research Status and Prospect of High-Modulus Magnesium MatrixMaterials
2018年第07期 [16-20][Abstract](4241)[pdf 639KB](3175)
248 Shallow Talk about Integrated Computational Materials Engineering and Materials Genome Initiative:Ideas and Practice

李波1, 2,杜勇1,邱联昌1,庞梦德1,张伟彬3,刘树红1,李凯1,彭英彪4,周鹏5 ,郑洲顺6 ,宋旼1 ,Seifert H3
2018年第07期 [11-15][Abstract](8197)[pdf 41009KB](3624)
249 3D Printing of Bioinspired Materials

张靓1, 赵宁2, 徐坚2

2018年第06期 [17-25][Abstract](3400)[pdf 10110KB](3338)
250 Progress of Preparation and Application of Functionalized Mesoporous Alumina
2018年第06期 [74-79][Abstract](3161)[pdf 1142KB](2842)
251 Progress and Prospect of Ultra Conductive Copper Matrix Materials
2018年第06期 [51-60][Abstract](3131)[pdf 10564KB](3275)
252 Synthesis of Polyzirconborosilazane via Zirconium/Lithium Substitution and Pyrolysis to Ceramics
2019年第10期 [1037-1040][Abstract](3279)[pdf 3727KB](2057)
253 Progress of Chemo Responsive Shape Memory Materials
2018年第05期 [59-66][Abstract](3334)[pdf 9483KB](2895)
254 Research Review of Space Holders of Sintered Titanium Foams with Large Pores and High Porosity
肖健1, 邱贵宝2
2018年第05期 [52-58][Abstract](3610)[pdf 10906KB](2471)
255 Research Progresses on the Application of Nanoscale TiO2-Based Catalysts in the Environment-Friendly Pavement
刘 浪1,解 伟1,金 娇1, 2,王海成1,杜慧子1,郑健龙1, 2
2020年第1期 [78-83][Abstract](2418)[pdf 3954KB](1591)
256 Advances on the Application of Recycled Asphalt Shingles (RAS) in Asphalt Pavement Recycling
马峰1, 邢海鹏1, 卢现林2
2018年第04期 [64-68][Abstract](3172)[pdf 758KB](2629)
257 Key Material Genome of Titanium Alloys and Application of High Throughput Experiment and Computation
2018年第04期 [57-63][Abstract](3221)[pdf 3292KB](2698)
258 Advances in Dispersion Technologies of Carbon Nanotubes and Its Composites with Polymer and Cadmium Sulfide
2018年第04期 [48-56][Abstract](3180)[pdf 2271KB](2487)
259 Research Progress on the Effect of Welding Process on Weld Geometry and Joint Properties of Stainless Steel Sheet
栗卓新1,王宁1,TILLMANN Wolfgang2
2018年第3期 [71-76][Abstract](3300)[pdf 2352KB](2528)
260 Research Progress of New Building Materials Based on Industrial Solid Waste Residue
卢安贤1,袁宇兴1,张骞1, 2,刘涛涌1
2018年第3期 [64-70][Abstract](3362)[pdf 2138KB](2866)
261 Preparation of Copper Nano Particles from Copper Ammonia Waste Water by Liquid Reduction Method in Ultrasonic Field
2018年第3期 [50-54][Abstract](3414)[pdf 1614KB](2922)
262 Investigation of Microstructure and Properties of TC4 Alloy Using Electron Beam Cold Hearth Melting
2018年第3期 [44-49][Abstract](3869)[pdf 4649KB](2931)
263 Modification of Graphene Oxide and Its application in Silicone Rubber

2018年第3期 [37-43][Abstract](3699)[pdf 3869KB](2591)
264 Recent Advances on Solvent-free Insulation Organosilicon Impregnating Resin


2018年第3期 [31-36][Abstract](3758)[pdf 1007KB](2907)
265 Review on Weldability of Ti2AlNb-Based Alloy
2019年第07期 [710-716][Abstract](2902)[pdf 6624KB](2538)
266 Research Status and Prospect of Sc Microalloying Aluminum Alloys
2018年第02期 [51-55][Abstract](4005)[pdf 1722KB](2469)
267 Next Generation Materials for Cutting Tools: Superhard Materials
2018年第02期 [46-50][Abstract](3461)[pdf 3583KB](2552)
268 A Review on Charged Forward Osmosis Membranes
熊鹰1 2,曾香2,崔佳鑫3,毛旭辉3
2018年第02期 [26-30][Abstract](3666)[pdf 2490KB](2642)
269 Research Progress on Application of Multi-dimensional Graphene Materials in Water Treatment
于飞2,孙怡然1,王成显4,马垚1,王雷1,马杰1 3
2018年第02期 [1-5][Abstract](4081)[pdf 3804KB](2650)
270 Development of solvent-free epoxy coating for protection of transmission tower foot and Study on its anticorrosion performance
胡家元1,李延伟1,刘 栓12,陈科锋2,孙立三2,戚浩金3,方云辉3, 周开河3, 张 鸿4
2019年第07期 [705-709][Abstract](2535)[pdf 5411KB](2367)
271 Discussion on Intergranular Corrosion Test Requirements of Austenitic Seamless Stainless Steel Pipe
2017年第11期 [62-66][Abstract](3541)[pdf 744KB](3297)
272 Progress of Facet-Controlled and Novel Nanostructured Titanium Dioxide
2017年第11期 [54-61][Abstract](4850)[pdf 4856KB](2847)
273 Advance in Research and Clinical Application of Liposomal Delivery Systems

2017年第11期 [7-20][Abstract](3935)[pdf 5917KB](2990)
274  Research Advances on Performance Optimization of Cementitious Materials Using Nanomaterials
 严涵1,冉千平1, 舒鑫1, 于诚1, 杨勇1, 刘加平1,2
2017年第9期 [26-30][Abstract](4034)[pdf 2186KB](3155)
275 Reviews of LoadReduction Mechanism and Engineering Application of EPS Materials
2017年第9期 [51-55][Abstract](3353)[pdf 1844KB](3060)
276 The magnetic and magnetocaloric properties in Cr-substituted ferrimagnetic Mn2Sb0.95In0.05 alloys


2017年第9期 [21-25][Abstract](4478)[pdf 3035KB](2520)
277 Spin gapless semiconductors based on Heusler alloys



2017年第9期 [16-20][Abstract](4811)[pdf 6760KB](3082)
278  Texture Induced Spin Transport and Magnetic Dynamics in High Oriented Growth Fe3O4 Films
 刘 二1, 2,翟 亚2,徐 锋1

2017年第9期 [1-5][Abstract](3779)[pdf 5452KB](2529)
279  Review on Application and Research in TemperatureAdjusting Asphalt Pavements Based on Phase Change Materials


2017年第6期 [66-70][Abstract](3954)[pdf 1802KB](3404)
280 Research Progress in Preparing Methods and Technics of Nano-aluma Powder

孙跃军1, 荀冬雪1 ,刘民2
2017年第6期 [61-66][Abstract](3327)[pdf 2863KB](3682)
281 Investigation on Anisotropic Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of 1050 Wheel Steel

2017年第6期 [51-55][Abstract](3297)[pdf 4423KB](2578)
282 The Application of Phenyl Phosphine Oxide Derivatives in Blue Organic Light-Emitting Diodes

2017年第6期 [41-45][Abstract](4410)[pdf 3240KB](3191)
283 Research on the graphene based heavy coating in protection of Transmission power tower

2017年第6期 [26-30][Abstract](4623)[pdf 13218KB](3530)
284 Experimental Study and Orthogonal Analysis of Strength Size Effect of High Toughness Cementitious Composite
2017年第6期 [16-20][Abstract](3890)[pdf 573KB](2911)
285 Role of Material Data in materials innovation development and thoughts on the existing problems


2017年第6期 [11-15][Abstract](3724)[pdf 2500KB](3648)
286  Materials Genome Initiative and Nuclear Fuel Element Material

 卢勇1 ,王翠萍1 ,李林阳1 ,贾建平2 ,刘兴军1

2017年第6期 [6-10][Abstract](4247)[pdf 5248KB](3097)
287 Application and Progress of Quantitative Micro- and Nano- structure Characterization for Materials Design of Al alloys
2017年第6期 [1-5][Abstract](4921)[pdf 10164KB](3367)
288 Study Methods Review on the Deposition Mechanism of Electroless Nano-Composite Coatings

 周衡志1, 2,顾宇强2,王文浩2,顾梦凡2,方信贤1, 2,白允强1, 2

2016年第10期 [31-35][Abstract](2907)[pdf 808KB](3081)
289 Preparation and Characterization of UltraFine Spherical Nickel Powder
 钟景明1,2,郭 顺2,张学清2,施文锋1,李军义1
2016年第10期 [21-25][Abstract](4615)[pdf 2332KB](3591)
290 A Review of Life Cycle Assessment Research on Engineering Nanomaterials

 陈 莎1*,刘瑞芳1,孙天印2,3,陈 云1
2016年第10期 [1-5][Abstract](4221)[pdf 716KB](3223)
291  Components of Ca Permanent Magnets and their Microstructures and Magnetic Properties

 王自敏1,2 邓志刚2

2016年第09期 [46-50][Abstract](3624)[pdf 1311KB](3088)
292  Measuring the thermal conductivity of Barium Titanate thin films using the three-omega method

 何 龙1,姚 光1, 潘 泰松1, 高 敏1,林 媛1,2

2016年第09期 [41-45][Abstract](4146)[pdf 1380KB](3199)
293 Effect of Alloy Refiners on Growth Morphology and Micro-segregation of Equiaxed Dendrites


2016年第09期 [36-40][Abstract](3696)[pdf 9625KB](2790)

The absorption of functional composite material synthesized by chemical synthesis method in the template of butterfly-wings


 蔡年进1 ,张旺1 ,田军龙2 ,张荻1

2016年第09期 [31-35][Abstract](4523)[pdf 3194KB](2741)
295 Research and development of hybrid reinforced metal matrix composites


2016年第09期 [26-30][Abstract](4698)[pdf 4910KB](3002)
296  Study on Technics of Electroless Copper Plating on SiC Particle
 吴开霞1,王 博2

2016年第8期 [51-55][Abstract](3449)[pdf 2494KB](3789)
297 The Development and Prospect of Binderless Carbide

 刘超1, 2

2016年第8期 [41-45][Abstract](4255)[pdf 2305KB](3438)
298 Application of Magetic Nanoparticles for Tumor-Targeting Hyperthemia

2016年第8期 [6-10][Abstract](4870)[pdf 1652KB](3512)
299 Research Progress and Pilot Application of  Lithium-Ion Capacitor
 安仲勋1, 2,颜亮亮1,夏恒恒1,徐甲强3,华 黎1

2016年第07期 [41-45][Abstract](4586)[pdf 1424KB](5066)
300 Flexible Supercapacitors Based on Transitional Metal Nitride Nanostructures
2016年第07期 [31-35][Abstract](5805)[pdf 253KB](3488)
301 The effects of mineral admixtures in cementation of radioactive spent resin
李聪1 孙奇娜1 * 徐计1 李俊峰2
2016年第07期 [11-15][Abstract](3838)[pdf 589KB](3149)
302 The crystal structure and chemistry of pyrochlore- and hollandite-type minerals and their application as nuclear waste-forms
李国武1,2* 邢晓琳1 徐凯1
2016年第07期 [1-5][Abstract](4186)[pdf 512KB](3688)
303 Research Development of Periosteum Tissue Engineering
2016年第6期 [46-50][Abstract](4747)[pdf 698KB](3460)
304 The Preparation of Perfluorocarbon Emulsion and Its Ability  of Oxygen Supply to Organism
2016年第6期 [41-45][Abstract](4482)[pdf 1987KB](3292)
305 Influence of Residuals on the Corrosion Resistance of Cold Rolling Sheets
2016年第05期 [51-55][Abstract](3749)[pdf 1677KB](3306)
306 The Dynamic Property and Microstructure Evolution of Extruded 6061 Aluminum Alloy
李落星1,2,叶 拓1,2,郭鹏程1,2,徐从昌1,2
2016年第4期 [26-30][Abstract](4608)[pdf 13297KB](3485)
307 Research on wrinkling behavior after the first discharge in electromagnetic incremental forming process of large aluminum alloy curved surface parts
2016年第4期 [16-20][Abstract](4528)[pdf 8471KB](3002)
308 Advances in rolling-spinning technique of titanium tubes
2016年第4期 [11-15][Abstract](4334)[pdf 7971KB](3018)
309 Applications of Synthetic Hydrogels in Tissue Engineering


2016年第3期 [41-45][Abstract](4269)[pdf 2209KB](3415)
310 Research Progress on the Plastic Instability Phenomenon of Metal Materials

2016年第3期 [36-40][Abstract](4978)[pdf 2185KB](4047)
311 Microstructural Design and Property Optimizationof Mo Alloys with High Performance
2016年第3期 [25-30][Abstract](5072)[pdf 7062KB](3271)
312 Progress of the research on wearable triboelectric nanogenerator
2016年第2期 [11-15][Abstract](5282)[pdf 14126KB](3097)
313 The State of the Art in Fiber-shaped Supercapacitors
2016年第2期 [6-10][Abstract](4875)[pdf 7810KB](3354)
314 Material Design of Mg-Ni-RE (La,Nd,Ce,Y)-H System Based on Thermodynamics and Kinetics Calculation
 罗群1,周国治1,陈双林1,李谦1, 2, 张捷宇 1
2016年第01期 [36-40][Abstract](5159)[pdf 2637KB](3130)
315 Research Status of Micro-nano Antibacterial Materials and Devices
2016年第01期 [21-25][Abstract](5156)[pdf 1531KB](4386)
316 Current Status and Development of Biomedical Nanosilver-contained Composites
2016年第01期 [16-20][Abstract](4973)[pdf 1917KB](3311)
317 Research Progress on the Controllable Solution-Synthesis of Nanosilve
郭志睿1, 柏婷婷2,陆鹏1,蔡诗昆1
2016年第01期 [1-5][Abstract](4955)[pdf 2128KB](4039)
318 Microstructural design and property optimization of Mo alloys with high performance
刘刚1, 张国君1,2, 江峰1,丁向东1,孙院军3,王林3,罗建海3,孙军1
2015年预先出版期 [11-15][Abstract](3738)()
319 Effect of heterogeneous microstructure on corrosion resistance of the new-type aluminum-lithium alloy AA2099-T8
2015年预先出版期 [6-10][Abstract](3540)()
320 Catalytic Reaction Mechamism in the Positive Electrode Interface of Lithium Air Battery
2015年第12期 [56-60][Abstract](4085)[pdf 1018KB](3229)
321 Mechanical Properties and Thermal Conductivity of Porous ZrO2 Felt/ZrO2 Composites Fabricated by Precursor Conversion Method
艾建平1,2,周国红1*, 王正娟1,2 ,张海龙1,王士维1*
2015年第12期 [36-40][Abstract](4166)[pdf 2130KB](2956)
322 Progress in Industry Development and Modification of Polyphenylene Sulfide
徐俊怡1,刘 钊1,洪 瑞1,王孝军2,龙盛如2,张 刚2,杨 杰2,3
2015年第12期 [21-25][Abstract](5857)[pdf 733KB](4040)
323 Research Progress in Poly (arylene sulfide sulfone)
2015年第12期 [16-20][Abstract](5793)[pdf 6308KB](3347)
324 Synthesis, Performance and Application of Poly(arylene sulfide)
2015年第12期 [11-15][Abstract](4937)[pdf 1905KB](2979)
325 Donor-Acceptor Copolymers Containing Phthalazinone Structure Synthesized by Ullmann Polymerization
韩建华1,刘程1,蹇锡高1,2, 王锦艳1,2
2015年第12期 [1-5][Abstract](4518)[pdf 1510KB](2810)
326 Advance in Anticorrosion Performance of Epoxy Resin
2015年第11期 [51-55][Abstract](3971)[pdf 2122KB](2984)
327 The new process to prepare the rare earth permanent magnet nanomaterial by surfactant-assisted ball milling
2015年第11期 [1-5][Abstract](4386)[pdf 5072KB](3445)
328 Modelling As-Cast Structure and Macrosegregation in Ingot Casting
吴孟怀1,2, Kharicha A1,2, Ludwig A2
2015年第9期 [26-30][Abstract](4116)[pdf 3812KB](3264)
329 Research on Repeated Glass-to-Metal Sealing
2015年第7-8期 [96-100][Abstract](4275)[pdf 1737KB](3064)
330 Current Status and Future Trend of Micro- and Nano-Structured Ultra-High Strength Steels
2015年第7-8期 [91-95][Abstract](4687)[pdf 3137KB](3105)
331 Preparation of Graphene and Its Applications in Biomedicine
2015年第7-8期 [86-90][Abstract](4783)[pdf 2172KB](2907)
332 Biodegradation Behavior of Silk Fibroin Materials
李明忠1,张 剑2,邱玉华3,卢神州1
2015年第7-8期 [41-45][Abstract](4792)[pdf 1461KB](2993)
333  Effect of Si doping on the negative thermal expansion and magnetic properties of Mn3Zn0.6Ge0.4N
2015年第7-8期 [36-40][Abstract](4116)[pdf 1336KB](2926)
334 Preparation and negative thermal expansion in anti-perovskite Ga1-xN0.8Mn3+x(0<x≤0.3)
2015年第7-8期 [1-5][Abstract](4341)[pdf 1023KB](3029)
335 Progress in Tribological Properties of Carbon fabric composites
2015年第6期 [26-30][Abstract](5080)[pdf 2061KB](3359)
336  Advance in Biodegradable Stent
 皇甫强1, 袁思波1, 韩建业1, 于振涛2, 余森2,张亚峰2, 麻西群2,刘春潮2, 程军2
2015年第5期 [61-65][Abstract](5282)[pdf 1006KB](3619)
337  Progress on Fabrication of MgB2 Superconducting Wires and Tapes
2015年第5期 [56-60][Abstract](4835)[pdf 3149KB](3051)
338  Properties of Similarity Coefficient in New Generation Geometric Model
2015年第5期 [50-55][Abstract](4357)[pdf 3031KB](3027)
339 Fabrication of magnesium carbon multilayered composites by accumulative roll-bonding
2015年第5期 [26-30][Abstract](4421)[pdf 2723KB](3065)
340 Effect of GaN—Based Film Materials on the Performance of Photoelectric Device
陈席斌1,马淑芳 2,董海亮1,梁 建1, 许并社1
2015年第5期 [21-25][Abstract](4692)[pdf 1511KB](3062)
341 Investigation of the glass transition of polycarbonate/multi-Walled carbon nanotube composites
闫晓丽1,2段培1,2 张磊1,3 魏丽乔1,3 许并社1,2
2015年第5期 [16-20][Abstract](5065)[pdf 1591KB](3059)
342 Preparation and characterization of sandwich-like Ag-C-Ag nanocomposites
2015年第5期 [11-15][Abstract](4975)[pdf 1299KB](3095)
343 Concavo-convex interface structure on phosphorescent material device performance influencing research
高志翔1 苗艳勤2,3 郝玉英4 王 华2,3 许并社2,3
2015年第5期 [1-5][Abstract](4366)[pdf 1403KB](3278)
344 Synthesis Techniques and Research Progress of the Metal-intermetallic Laminate Composites Ti/Al3Ti
2015年第4期 [61-69][Abstract](4497)[pdf 1097KB](3186)
345 International Policies & Programs on R & D of Advanced Materials
朱宏康1,谷 宾2, 刘书惠1
2015年第4期 [70-73][Abstract](3860)[pdf 1209KB](3128)
346 A Theoretical Study of Phase Equilibria of Pt Doped Calcium Titanate
2015年第4期 [8-15][Abstract](4376)[pdf 3890KB](2910)
347 Application of High-throughput Calculations for Screening Lithium Battery Materials
2015年第4期 [16-25][Abstract](7290)[pdf 2483KB](4550)
348 Study on effect of texture on the mechanical properties of friction stir processed magnesium alloy
2015年第6期 [66-70][Abstract](4177)[pdf 1706KB](2971)
349 Study on the core technology of Ni-based superalloys
2015年第3期 [70-76][Abstract](4481)[pdf 2132KB](3541)
350 Advance in Research of Virus-mimic Gene Delivery Systems
2015年第3期 [1-14][Abstract](5272)[pdf 4045KB](3433)
351 Research Progress of Nb3Al Superconducting Wire for High-field Application
2015年第1期 [64-72][Abstract](5118)[pdf 4949KB](3322)
352 Thermodynamic and diffusion databases for multicomponent cemented carbides and their applications
2015年第1期 [11-15][Abstract](4958)()
353 Complex Doping of Ga, In and related defect study in caged skuttterudites CoSb3
席丽丽1,邱雨婷1,史讯1,杨炯2, 陈立东1,杨继辉2,张文清1
2015年第1期 [41-49][Abstract](4715)[pdf 8549KB](3280)
354 Development in Powder ProductionTechnology of Ni-based Superalloy
韩志宇1 ,曾光1 ,梁书锦1 ,陈小林1 ,张鹏1 ,张平祥2
2014年第12期 [748-755][Abstract](5032)[pdf 1295KB](3226)
355 Research progress of application of photonic crystals
2014年第10期 [630-635][Abstract](6040)[pdf 1155KB](6917)
356 Research on Preparation and Properties of Solid Buoyancy Materials Filled with Hollow Glass Microspheres
2014年第10期 [26-30][Abstract](5002)[pdf 1558KB](3610)
357 The Influence of Glass Micro-plate on the Damping Properties of Structures based on Polyurethane
2014年第10期 [21-25][Abstract](4732)[pdf 1506KB](3364)
358 Application and progress of sacrificial anodes used in the cathodic protection of warships
2014年第10期 [16-20][Abstract](4887)[pdf 1138KB](3272)
359 Corrosion Failure and Prevention of Carrier-based Aircraft
2014年第10期 [11-15][Abstract](4811)[pdf 1765KB](3382)
360 The present situation and development trend of titanium alloy and its application in ships
常 辉1,王向东2,周廉1,3
2014年第10期 [1-5][Abstract](6140)[pdf 836KB](5101)
361 Progress in Application of Metallic Beryllium
2014年第9期 [26-30][Abstract](5153)[pdf 1465KB](4233)
362 The Key Technique and R&D of Capacitor Crade Tantalum Powder
2014年第9期 [11-15][Abstract](5461)[pdf 2266KB](3832)
363 Development of Quantitative Research in Titanium Alloys
2014年第9期 [1-10][Abstract](4715)[pdf 4952KB](3688)
364 Effect of solution treatment on Microstructure and Properties of Ti12LC Alloy
侯智敏1,2, 赵永庆1,2, 张鹏省1, 毛小南1, 尹雁飞1, 李思兰1
2014年第8期 [60-61][Abstract](4448)[pdf 3121KB](3169)
365 The Applications and Progress of Manufacturing of Metal Parts by 3D Printing Technology
曾 光1,韩志宇1,梁书锦1,张 鹏1,陈小林1,张平祥2
2014年第6期 [376-382][Abstract](5261)[pdf 1404KB](3719)
366 Effects of Cu Content on the microstructural evolution during ageing of 6000 and 7000 Al alloys
张凯1,2 李凯1 2 杜勇1 2 辛婧华1,2方旭1,2宋旼1,2
2014年第6期 [327-336][Abstract](5419)[pdf 3227KB](3685)
367 Atomic diffusion in amorphous alloy melts
2014年第5期 [282-288][Abstract](4739)[pdf 894KB](4218)
368 Printed Sensor Technology
2014年第3期 [49-55][Abstract](5541)[pdf 1576KB](3825)
369 The Application of Waterborne Coatings on the Ship
2014年第1期 [9-13][Abstract](4690)[pdf 1023KB](3655)
370 Application Research of Marine Composite Nano-coatings in Corrosion Protection of Ship
2014年第1期 [14-19][Abstract](5717)[pdf 1367KB](3324)
371 (51001109)(2009BAE70B01) Antifouling coating with low surface energy based on silicone modified acrylic resin and nano SiO2
2014年第2期 [95-100][Abstract](7127)[pdf 1669KB](3762)
372 Research and Progress of High Solid Epoxy Corrosion Resistant Coating
2014年第1期 [20-25][Abstract](6917)[pdf 813KB](4093)
373  The fabrication and testing of 3D metal passive inductor based on FIB-SID technology
毛逸飞1,王志强1,2, 赵路睿1, 吴文刚1,徐军3
2013年第12期 [742-745][Abstract](5388)[pdf 1331KB](3259)
374 Applications of Focused Ion Beam in the Study on Mechanical Properties of Micro/nanomaterials
2013年第12期 [706-715][Abstract](6937)[pdf 2160KB](3954)
375 Research Progress on Sulfate Resistance of Concrete with Mineral Admixture in Different Environments
刘芳1,尤占平 1,汪海年1,盛燕萍2
2014年第11期 [682-688][Abstract](4334)[pdf 1599KB](3675)
376 Influence of Initial Surface Area / Volume Ratio of the Fiber Preform on Kinetics of Chemical Vapor Infiltration and Texture of Infiltrated Carbon
张伟刚1,2,, Hüttinger K.J. 1
2013年第11期 [33-42][Abstract](5592)[pdf 2736KB](3453)
377 Ablation behaviors of matrix modified C/C-HfC-HfB2-SiC composites
孟祥利1,2,崔 红2,闫联生2,张 强2,宋麦丽2,朱阳 2
2013年第11期 [1-10][Abstract](7279)[pdf 1516KB](3607)

The Effects of Micro- and Nano-structured Biomaterial Surfaces on Osteogenetic-Related Cells

鲁 雄1,冯 波1,翁 杰1,冷扬2
2013年第10期 [611-622][Abstract](7021)[pdf 4661KB](3954)
379 Biocompatibility and Gene activation of Micro/Nano-Bioactive Glasses
胡庆1,2,3,陈晓峰1 ,2,3*,董艳梅4,宫玮玉4
2013年第10期 [1-2][Abstract](5392)[pdf 1423KB](2959)
380 Research Progress of MgB2 superconducting wires and tapes and superconducting magnet application
2013年第9期 [1-10][Abstract](7485)[pdf 2748KB](3837)

Superconducting Quantum Interference Device and Its Application in Low-field Nuclear Magnetic resonance&Imaging

2013年第9期 [541-549][Abstract](4733)[pdf 2251KB](3488)
382 Progress in the Research of Hollow Fiber Membrane
2013年第6期 [354-361][Abstract](5307)[pdf 1866KB](3637)
383 Research on the Anti-oxidation Behavior of SiC/MoSi2-Si-Cr-B/Glass Compound Coating on Carbon/Carbon Composites
2013年第6期 [375-379][Abstract](4806)[pdf 1345KB](3361)
384 Experiment Method of Light Weight Cellular Ablators
2013年第4期 [31-40][Abstract](4645)[pdf 2439KB](3422)
385 Design and Application of Extrusion Die for Titanium Copper Flat Like Cladding Bar
2012年第3期 [56-58][Abstract](5550)[pdf 675KB](5076)
386 Progress in Ferroelectric Materials
2012年第3期 [26-38][Abstract](7424)[pdf 3036KB](12228)
387 Progress of Magnetic FieldDriven Phase Transformation Materials
2012年第3期 [15-25][Abstract](5170)[pdf 1980KB](3906)
388 Study on Melt Velocity Field of TiAl Alloy in the Vacuum Induction Melting
2011年第12期 [56-60][Abstract](3548)[pdf 1004KB](3597)
389  Progress of Study on Organic Dye Sensitizer in Dye Sensitized Solar
2011年第12期 [48-51][Abstract](3799)[pdf 760KB](4102)
390  Thermodynamic Analysis of Control on Plasticization of Non Metallic Inclusions in the Spring Steel of High Speed Railway
2011年第12期 [27-32][Abstract](3740)[pdf 2515KB](3388)
391  Polyaniline—A New Generation of EnvironmentallyFriendly Anticorrosion Material
2011年第8期 [17-24][Abstract](3416)[pdf 3097KB](3435)
392  Eco materials—Sustainable Development Trend of Materials and Materials Industries
2011年第8期 [8-16][Abstract](3544)[pdf 977KB](4310)
393 Research on Debinding Process of Niobium Alloys Compact by Powder Injection Molding
2011年第1期 [54-57][Abstract](3683)[pdf 1032KB](3341)
394 Development of Aramid Fiber Ⅲ Reinforcement and Its Composite Products
2010年第12期 [59-62][Abstract](4063)[pdf 1383KB](3862)
395 Theory and Technology of Ultrafine Grained Weathering Steel with P and [WTHX]RE[WT][WT2"HZ] Combined Addition

2010年第9期 [46-53][Abstract](3898)[pdf 2946KB](3266)
396 Progress and Challenge of Skin Induced Regeneration Materials
2010年第9期 [34-45][Abstract](3873)[pdf 3946KB](3223)
397 Research and Application Development of Advanced Magnesium Alloys
丁文江1,2,吴玉娟1,2,彭立明1,2,曾小勤1,2,林栋樑1,3,陈 彬1,2

2010年第8期 [37-45][Abstract](3990)[pdf 2106KB](3770)
398 Recent Progress and Challenge of Functional Ceramics for IT
徐 卓4,汪 宏4,翟继卫5,岳振星1,李龙土1,姚 熹4,5
2010年第8期 [30-36][Abstract](3849)[pdf 1302KB](3492)
399 Preparation of ThreeDimensionally Ordered Macroporous Metallic Oxide Materials by Colloidal Crystal Templating Method

李 石1,赵东风1,郑经堂2,赵玉翠2

2010年第7期 [49-52][Abstract](3730)[pdf 1832KB](3252)
400 Research Progress on PlasmaWall Interactions in a Magnetic Confinement Tokamak

2010年第7期 [42-48][Abstract](4805)[pdf 744KB](4049)

Progress in the Research of Melt Structure and Its Controlling Technology


坚增运1,朱 满1,介万奇2


2010年第7期 [20-26][Abstract](3939)[pdf 2298KB](3313)
402 Superhydrophobic Surfaces:Design and Fabrication of [JP3]Micro/Nanomicrotextures and Tuning of Wetting Behavior

2009年第12期 [41-52][Abstract](3853)[pdf 1300KB](3542)
403 Neutron Diffraction Studies of Novel Complex Hydrides
杨金波1,Yelon W B2,James W J2
2009年第12期 [15-20][Abstract](4991)[pdf 800KB](4827)
404 Application of Finite Element  Simulation for Plate Rolling
2009年第4期 [56-60][Abstract](3744)(112)
405 Effects of Different Carbon Sources on the Performance of Olivine LiFePO4/C Cathode Material
2009年第7/8期 [82-85][Abstract](3592)(34)
406 Research Progress in Mechanical Alloying of NanoSynthesizing of Ti and Zr
2009年第7/8期 [67-71][Abstract](3722)(56)
407 Development of Materials Database System for Ti alloys,Quantitative Characterization for Microstructure and Composition Theoretical Design for Metastable β Ti alloy
赵永庆1,曾卫东2,林 成3
2009年第6期 [51-55][Abstract](3900)(79)
408 Study on Metal Hydride Canister
2009年第5期 [35-37][Abstract](3742)(102)
409 Hydrogen Storage in Nano Metal-Organic Framework Materials
2009年第5期 [28-34][Abstract](3648)(113)
410 Hydrogen Release and Uptake Behaviors of SpaceConfined NaAlH4 in Porous Materials
2009年第5期 [11-16][Abstract](4093)(119)
411 Progress in Research of Hydrogen Storage Materials with High Capacity
2009年第5期 [2-10][Abstract](4040)(140)
412 Titanium in Navy Engineering Applications  and Problems to Be Solved

蒋成禹1,赵 勇1,2

2010年第5期 [25-29][Abstract](3920)[pdf 3689KB](3005)
413 Survey of Design and Manufacturing of Sandwich Structures
2009年第4期 [40-45][Abstract](3822)(75)
414 Fabrication and Properties of Multifilamentary  MgB2/NbZr/Cu Wires
闫果1,王庆阳1,刘国庆1,熊晓梅1,冯勇1,A. Sulpice2, E. Mossang3
2009年第4期 [23-27][Abstract](3966)(54)
415 R&D of Low Temperature Superconducting Wire for ITER
2009年第4期 [10-15][Abstract](3882)(57)
416 Progress in Research of Concrete Structures Service Life Design
2009年第11期 [26-35][Abstract](4125)[pdf 1228KB](3665)
417 Study on the Technology of Induction Melting and Casting with Direct Feeding Powder
2009年第3期 [54-57][Abstract](3787)(91)
418 Preparation and Characterization of
Nano TiO2/SiO2 Catalyst


2009年第3期 [38-42][Abstract](3837)(91)
419 Preparation and Properties of Calcium Tungstate Nanocrystals
2009年第3期 [35-37][Abstract](3824)(100)
420 Microstructure Characteristics and Precipitation Strengthening of High Grade Pipeline Steels

2009年第3期 [26-30][Abstract](3763)(86)
421 Method of Tantalum Powder NitrogenDoping and the Distribution of Nitrogen in Tantalum

2010年第2期 [50-52][Abstract](4980)[pdf 457KB](4763)
422 Superhydrophobic Surfaces:Design and Fabrication of Micro/Nanomicrotextures and the Tuning of Wetting Behavior(Ⅱ)
崔晓松1,姚 希2,刘海华1,方国平1,李 文1,江雷2

2010年第2期 [31-44][Abstract](3726)()

eview of the Investment Casting of TiAl Based Intermetallic Alloys


李 飞1,王 飞1,陈 光2,万柏方3,戴炎麟1,陆 敏1
2010年第2期 [24-30][Abstract](3948)[pdf 1337KB](3719)
424 Advances in Research on the Formation Mechanism ofCementitious Paste Microstructure in Current Concrete
2009年第11期 [8-18][Abstract](4159)[pdf 1385KB](3851)
425 Progress in Research of Photocatalytic H2 Evolution Based on Platinum (Ⅱ) Complex
2010年第1期 [20-24][Abstract](3559)(35)
426 New Development of Contemporary Concrete
李宗津1,孙 伟2,潘金龙3

2009年第11期 [1-7][Abstract](4424)[pdf 1825KB](4217)
427 Progress in Technological Research of Carbon Fiber Materials
2010年第3期 [49-53][Abstract](3697)[pdf 2783KB](3565)
428 Research Progress of Microstructure of the Annealed La—Mg—Ni System Hydrogen Storage Alloy
董小平1,杨丽颖1,王 青1,林玉芳2,赵栋梁2,张羊换2

2010年第3期 [44-48][Abstract](3730)[pdf 1124KB](3601)
429 Research Progress of New Type High Performance P/M Turbine Disk Superalloy
吴 凯1,刘国权1,2,胡本芙1,张义文3,4,陶 宇4,刘建涛4
2010年第3期 [23-32][Abstract](3998)[pdf 2080KB](3710)
430 Progress in Research on Ti—Al Intermetallic Compound Porous Material
江 垚1,贺跃辉1,黄伯云1,林均品2,杨 帆2
2010年第3期 [18-22][Abstract](4055)[pdf 737KB](4252)
431 Recent Achievements and Future Directions of TiAlBased Intermetallic Compounds
李金山1,张铁邦1,常 辉1,寇宏超1,周 廉1,2
2010年第3期 [1-5][Abstract](5407)[pdf 847KB](4811)